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Update 10/25/2021: Upgrade: Added keys ' lcc:SFTPDownloadRenamePreviousCopy', ' lcc:SFTPDownloadRenamePreviousCopyMaxVersions', 'lcc:SFTPDownloadRenamePreviousCopyFilter'

Update 10/11/2021: Upgraded to .NET 4.8 to support TLS 1.2.

Update 5/26/2021: Upgrade: added Key File authentication.

Update 12/7/2020: Upgrade: Added new flags for MM.DD.YYYY. Bug fix: handling '.' and '..' directory names.

Update 9/22/2020: Upgrade: Added Key "lcc:SFTPDirectoryDownloadPath" for downloading entire folders. Upgraded log files to include YYYYMMDD on filenames.

Update 1/31/2014: Upgrade Directory listings to show Directory/File type, Size, Modified and sub-directories, added Flags.

Update 1/14/2014: Program released.


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