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Update 8/12/2019: Upgrade: better support of varied columns lengths, empty records. Style/layout design upgrades.

Update 4/17/2019: Upgrade: handle records with more columns than the first record

Update 4/4/2019: Upgrade: handle records with inconsistent # of columns

Update 10/26/2017: Upgrade: handle records with extended characters in value, like ASCII code 10

Update 8/24/2017: Upgrade: added minimum duplicates to find

Update 4/25/2017: Upgrade: more verbose error message and record reference on record issues. Allow rerun after issue, without closing.

Update 4/19/2017: Upgrade: handling of different delimiters when surrounds by double quotes.

Update 3/10/2017: Bug fix: when records do not contain any of the delimiter specified.

Update 8/18/2014: Program released.


lccFindDuplicates is a Windows program to help find duplicate records, using specific columns, but, returning the entire records.

Others LCC tools suggested for this type of need:

Records (file) can be pre-sorted, or sorted within the program.

For example, you could compare the Birthdate and Name of a person, and return all records that have the same Birthdate/LastName as another record.

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