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Update 4/4/2016: Upgrade: added keys lcc:fileNameLeftFilter, lcc:fileNameFilter, lcc:simulation

Update 9/30/2010: Upgraded error control on Days Old function.

Update 8/26/2010: Added [lcc:includeFileType] and [lcc:excludeFileType] parameters.

Update 8/26/2010: Program released.


The lccFileMover program was created to move, copy, delete files from one location to another, depending on the age of the file.

For example, you may have a folder with files that you want to move into other folders, like "30-days", "60-days", etc...

You could run this program against your main folder daily with a '30' day instruction and set the 'to' path as the 30-days folder.

You could then run this program against your 30-days folder with a '60' day instruction and set the 'to' path as the 60-days folder.

You could also designate the 'delete' action to perform clean-up of a folder for files that older than a certain amount of days. This works well for log file locations. i.e. you could designate 365 days to keep one year's worth of logs.

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