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Update 4/18/2013: Upgraded program for SID in AD option.

Update 5/30/2012: Upgraded logic to remove case sensitivity on translations.

Update 5/16/2012: Upgraded keys 'lccConfigSValidGroup and lccConfigSADPAdminUserGroup to allow multiple entries.

Update 5/10/2012: Added more detail in logs.

Update 4/30/2012: Upgrade lccADPAuth, for Lite and Pro, with two additional Keys. Logging user group membership and disabling Advisor table check.

Update 4/25/2012: Upgrade lccADPAuth to support ADP Pro

Update 4/25/2012: Fixed 'lock' on translation text file (i.e. was missing 'close' code). Wouldn't let you update the translation file while being used. Should allow that now.

Update 2/13/2012: Upgraded. Added Username Truncation flag

Update 2/10/2012: Upgraded. [ Security Fix ] Removed logging of RAW connection string

Update 2/7/2012: Upgraded. Added SQL Advisor SID verify

Update 2/6/2012: Program released.


The LCCADPAuth DLL was created to tie Walla Walla's ADP (Advisory Data Portal) program into Active Directory (AD) and to allow an external/flexible translation between Username and Staff IDentification number (SID).

lccADPAuth.dll version supports and should be used with ADP Lite.
lccADPauth.dll version support and should be used with ADP Pro.

Version was create to support the new authentication module/functions within ADP Pro and to support the Admin User list in ADP Pro (i.e. allowing access to change configurations within ADP Pro).

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