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Update 10/11/2021: Upgraded to .NET 4.8 to support TLS 1.2.

Update 9/28/2020: Upgraded: new key 'staticQuery'.

Update 9/18/2020: Upgraded: lcc:forceValue now has option to supply raw value.

Update 3/8/2019: Upgraded: removed auto qualifying filter column names. Use logic to bracket column names with spaces.

Update 2/14/2019: Upgraded: added new 'YESEdit' option on key lcc:groupAccessTableColKey.

Update 2/13/2019: Upgraded: removed auto qualifying database, schema, table, column names in brackets. Allows for more flexible logic (see note at top of whitepaper).

Update 5/24/2018: Upgraded: added key 'selectValueSelected'.

Update 5/7/2018: Upgraded: added support for column names with spaces.

Update 1/25/2016: Upgraded: added key 'overrideSecurity' for tables.

Update 1/24/2016: Changed search button text/location.

Update 1/23/2016: Added Security Role 'Deletor'.

Update 10/25/2016: Added Column Setting 'skipEmailNotification'.

Update 7/12/2016: Bug fix: when not supplying ...Subject keys, was not default to regular Subject line on emails.

Update 6/13/2016: Upgrade: added keys "recordNotificationSubject", "recordNotificationCreatedSubject", "recordNotificationModifiedSubject","recordNotificationDeletedSubject"

Update 11/24/2015: Upgrade: added debug level #24, show more information when displaying connection settings.

Update 9/2/2015: Upgrade: added debug level #23, additional SMTP logging.

Update 2/9/2015: Upgrade: added HTML maxLength output when maxLength key defined.

Update 1/7/2015: Upgrade: added 'recordNotificationSetting' key. Allows filtering who gets which email notifications.

Update 12/11/2014: Upgrade: added Records count (showing # out of how many matched).

Update 11/21/2014: Upgrade: added SMTP keys for Email Notifications. All of these keys have 'SMTP' in the name.

Update 11/7/2014: Upgrade: added logic to handle if the same column is used. This is useful if you want to display the value of a column, then display it again, while performing 'translateValue', 'chopOnLeft', etc.

Update 11/7/2014: Upgrade: added keys 'chopOnLeft', 'chopOnRight'

Update 11/5/2014: Upgrade: added keys 'forcedFilter', 'defaultOrderBy', 'hidden', 'translateValue'

Update 10/30/2014: Upgrade: added sorting of Database/Table names in index.

Update 10/15/2014: Upgrade: changed some security debug logs to also show on screen. Added new style specific for Tables.

Update 7/8/2014: Upgrade: added encryption option to certain Key values. Added lccWebToSQLCommandLine tool for encrypting/decrypting.

Update 7/2/2014: Upgrade: changed Numbers Only rule to before Max Length. Adjusted/added tooltips to sort icons.

Update 7/18/2013: Upgrade: added support/control of '<' and '>' characters.

Update 5/30/2013: Upgrade: added maxRecs, filteredOnly keys. Added more granular filter/search tools.

Update 5/24/2013: Upgrade: added Column Width.

Update 5/22/2013: Upgrade: added Detail view.

Update 5/20/2013: Bug fixed: Creating record column name issue. Upgrade: included 'forcedValue's on 'Create Record's. Added And/Or filtering.

Update 5/10/2013: Upgraded to show Form fields as Name and Id for Javascript support. Added page Top/Bottom sections (lcc:pageTopStart, lcc:pageBottomStart). Added per Table Logic option (lcc:groupAccessTableLogicFile).

Update 5/9/2013: Added 'forced values', see 'lcc:forcedValue' key.

Update 5/2/2013: Added Logging, see 'lcc:logPath' key.

Update 5/1/2013: Program released.


This document describes the lccWebToSQL program.

lccWebToSQL was developed to supply these capabilities:

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