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Update 4/14/2021: Bug fix: when using the search box and clicking one of the results, caused multiple loops on selecting other items as well.

Update 9/13/2019: Upgrade: when using the Secure Messages modules, now handles users ids with periods/dashes in them.

Update 5/29/2019: Bug fix: Secured messages recipient list duplicate entries fixed.

Update 2/22/2019: Upgrade: Added lccFlag:noAction to key lcc:button.

Update 9/17/2018: Upgrade: Secure messages extended characters handler.

Update 9/14/2018: Upgrade: Secure messages module streamlining.

Update 9/11/2018: Upgrade: Streamlined 'Messages' list of users, loads much faster.

Update 7/12/2018: Upgrade: In 'Messages' mode, newest ones show at top. Show who new message sent to.

Update 6/27/2018: Upgrade: Added key 'lcc:buttonBorder'. New option for button without program (i.e not clickable).

Update 2/9/2018: Upgrade: Added keys 'lcc:skipSavingSettingsOnExit', 'lcc:skipUsingSavedSettings'.

Update 1/25/2018: Upgrade: Added 'Auto Create Program Code' in Tools menu. Split information into Whitepaper and Manual.

Update 1/22/2018: Upgrade: Added Replaceable Flags on some keys.

Update 10/30/2017: Upgrade: Expanded where 'Create Basic Settings' can be saved.

Update 9/28/2017: Upgrade: Added Tab Name when mousing over search results.

Update 9/28/2017: Upgrade: Added program Start Path to button Tool Tip, if provided.

Update 9/25/2017: Upgrade: Added "Create Settings From Links In File" in Tools to auto create Settings based on the links. Will auto sort on the names.

Update 9/21/2017: Upgrade: Added "Current Settings Path" in Tools to show what Settings path was used for the current Tab. Added Filter box, builds filtered Search Results from all Tabs/Buttons..

Update 9/5/2017: Upgrade: Added messaging module, see key lcc:saveUserStatsPath key.

Update 8/23/2017: Upgrade: RunAs box now has option for using local account

Update 8/1/2017: Bug fixes: handle when 'no' settings provided on displaying 'empty' buttons frame.

Update 7/27/2017: Upgrade: now remembers the order of tabs (for when you move them left/right).

Update 7/18/2017: Upgrade: added 'flag' option to lcc:buttonProgramPath

Update 6/29/2017: Upgrade: move to far left or far right tab

Update 6/27/2017: Upgrade: sped up window redraw when using large amounts of setting files/settings (buttons)

Update 6/22/2017: Upgrade: will now show what Settings Filename will be reloaded.

Update 6/21/2017: Upgrade: moves nodes in treee view when tabs moved. Added key 'lcc:buttonCopyToClipboardOverwriteMessage'.

Update 6/20/2017: Upgrade: program now allows moving of tabs and display name of current tab.

Update 6/19/2017: Upgrade: Added keys 'lcc:buttonCopyToClipboard'.

Update 6/16/2017: Upgrade: Added keys 'lcc:buttonRunAs', 'lcc:buttonRunAsNoProfile'.

Update 6/7/2017: Changed icon to LCC logo

Update 5/8/2017: Updated manual to including information about Windows\Sysnative folder in keys lcc:button and lcc:buttonProgramPath. Upgraded program to check every 60 seconds on any local/network settings file and/or message file changes. If changed, will alert the user.

Update 4/28/2017: Upgrade: Cursor changes to hand when hovering over tree to buttons. Button colors change when moving over/out of buttons. Add re-query of setting file(s) and notice if they have changed, with option for user to click/reload them. Added keys 'lcc:buttonMessage', 'lcc:buttonMessageFromFile', 'lcc:reloadNotification'.

Update 4/27/2017: Upgrade: Added 'first time user', 'no Settings found', and other prompts. Auto removes Settings if not found.

Update 8/22/2016: Upgrade: prevent loading of same named Setting Paths

Update 7/19/2016: Upgrade: added Key "lcc:buttonInformation".

Update 5/18/2016: Upgrade: now remembers/loads last Setting Path(s), font size. Can now choose different font size. Can remove individual Settings paths. History remembers all Setting path loaded. Bug fixed: using multiple setting files caused some buttons to open incorrect programs.

Update 5/16/2016: Upgrade: add View option to turn off Index or Tab panels, can now load multiple Logic Files at the same time. Added Keys lcc:buttonUseScreen, lcc:buttonUseScreenDelay. Bug fixed: when Tab panel shrunk to small, Color Picker froze program

Update 5/13/2016: Upgrade: now shows a Tree View (Index) along with Tabs. New Color type Hex values available. Color Picker added in toolbar.

Update 5/11/2016: Added key 'lcc:buttonColor', 'lcc:tabColor. Upgraded: Handling '&' in Button title. Can now download Settings from a URL. Bug fixed: 'Reload' of Settings.

Update 5/11/2016: Program released.


lccToolBook is a Windows program created to allow launching of programs and optional parameters. It works as a Dashboard of websites/tools/etc. that you wish to organize/launch.

For example, you can open different websites with different Internet browsers.

However, it can just as easily launch any other program, like Notepad, Word, Putty, etc. It can also open local/network directory locations.

lccFolderExplorer works smoothly with this program to allow you to access local/remote locations under alternate credentials. Here is an example line for the lccToolBook Logic File using lccFolderExplorer program:

Screenshot #1: index/tabs to programs, regular use
Screenshot #2: messaging module

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