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Update 9/29/2021: Upgrade: upgraded to .NET 4.8 to support TLS 1.2/1.3.

Change 9/8/2021: Changed debug level for Form Post values into log, anonymized sensitive keys.

Change 9/29/2020: Changed Email Template wording.

Update 5/15/2020: Upgrade: Remove case sensitivity on approved file extensions.

Update 5/12/2020: Upgrade: Handle filenames with comma/other extended characters.

Update 1/8/2020: Upgrade: check if trying to send to more than one (1) email recipient, and truncate additional addresses.

Update 11/15/2019: Bug fix: when invitee uploads file/message, the sender/recipient names were flipped.

Update 11/7/2019: Upgrade: added support for old/deprecated Internet Explorer submissions. Tested against Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

Update 11/4/2019: Upgrade: added keys lcc:userResponseUpload(File/Message/Invitation). Added Action descriptions/formatting.

Update 11/1/2019: Upgrade: updated email templates to include sender/recipient email address in messages.

Update 10/30/2019: Upgrade: added email templates.

Update 10/25/2019: Upgrade: many upgrades/options added. Also added 'User Tools' module.

Update 6/8/2017: Updated white paper to include link to IANA for Media Types.

Update 5/19/2017: Bug fix: when choosing an Encrypted File and 'show within browser'.

Update 3/20/2017: Upgraded, added encrypting of files with the following keys: 'lcc:sourceEncryptedPasswordHash', 'lcc:sourceEncryptedSaltKey', 'lcc:sourceEncryptedVIKey', 'lcc:securedFileSetEncrypted'

Update 8/30/2016: Program released.


Is a website program to supply a secured file to a web user. It can supply the file as a downloadable attachment, or direct/display (i.e. in a browser/program).

Additional Capabilities

Demo Links (showing examples of different downloads/file formats)
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