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Update 9/23/2019: Bug fix: when processing Unicode files, case insensitivity not applied.

Update 4/9/2019: Streamline processing of lines above 500,000 in length.

Update 3/10/2017: Removed deprecated keys.

Update 4/2/2015: Record lines up to 500,000 length supported. Processing logic upgraded (faster). Current position status message added.

Update 8/8/2011: Records above 1,000 in length bug discovered/resolved

Update 4/15/2011: New compliation, parameter options

Update 9/22/2009: Program released.


lccReadFilter was created to read through a file and export found information into another file. It was coded specifically to handle very large files.

It was designed for command line level usage. This supports usage in batch files, automated processes.

The lccReadFilter program allows you to specific multiple criteria, both with 'search for' and 'skip'. Each line of the source file is checked against the criteria.

If any criteria is specified as 'search for' and found in a line, that line will be exported to the new file, unless a 'skip' criteria is also specified and the 'skip' criteria is also found in the line.

For example, if the following line was in a source file:

and you searched for 'brown'. That line would be exported.

However, if you searched for 'brown', but, also specified 'quick' as a 'skip' criteria, the line would be skipped, since 'skip' criteria was also found in the line.

The most useful aspects of this application are:

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