LCCPowerShellGUI: Program Changes

1/25/2013 update-20130125.1 Added 'Copy' and 'Save'. Added Software Inventory script.
10/19/2011 update-20111019.1 Added display of Settings Values when in Settings Mode
8/20/2008 update-20080820-1 Added Chassis information (to show computer manufacturer serial number)
8/20/2008 20080820.1 Changed Mode 'Computers' to 'In-House Functions'
Removed ERROR message when no help file available for a function. Will still let user know one does not exist.
8/19/2008 update-20080819-1 Added BaseBoard information (to show computer manufacturer serial number)
Thank you to Dino Palladino at Pierce College for the suggestion.
8/19/2008 20080819.1 Allow changing of About text, Window title from Logic file.
8/18/2008 20080818.1 Changed Functions File into a Logic file to control other settings (i.e. Script Prepending). Added multiple computer name usage (by using comma separation). Functions will remember values for shared Value Types when switching between them.
8/14/2008 08142008.3 Changed Functions and Input Type lists to read-only. Added reference in About to LCCPowerShellGUI Homepage
8/14/2008 08142008.2 Changed when Input is read from (KeyUp, i.e. typing) to TextChange, i.e. any change in value. To solve issue when someone pastes information, instead of typing.
8/14/2008 08142008.1 Allow Input Types to be defined from the Functions file.
8/13/2008 08132008.1 Allow Input Types (i.e. parameters for the scripts)
8/5/2008 08052008.1 Program created