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Update 10/11/2021: Upgraded to .NET 4.8 to support TLS 1.2.

Upgrade 8/11/2020: Upgrade: start/end dates logic upgraded to negate time.

Upgrade 8/11/2020: Upgrade: streamlined mulitple rule set checks.

Upgrade 6/10/2019: Upgrade: handling sender/recipient emtpy/null values

Upgrade 7/9/2018: Bug fix: checking multiple sender/recipient sometimes cause false positive

Upgrade 4/25/2018: Upgrade: Added keys 'lcc:rulteSetSenderNot', 'lcc:rulteSetRecipientNot', 'lcc:rulteSetSubjectNot','lcc:rulteSetBodyNot', 'lcc:ruleSetSenderAnd', 'lcc:ruleSetRecipientAnd', 'lcc:ruleSetSubjectAnd', 'lcc:ruleSetBodyAnd','lcc:ruleSetSenderNotAnd', 'lcc:ruleSetRecipientNotAnd', 'lcc:ruleSetSubjectNotAnd', 'lcc:ruleSetBodyNotAnd'

Upgrade 05/07/2014: Added keys 'lcc:rulteSetSkip', 'lcc:indexStartIndex' and ability to instruct the program to abort processing/gracefully shutdown..

Update 05/07/2014: Added lcc:ruleSetDeleteMessage key (allows deleting 'hard' of messages)

Update 02/22/2013: Minor upgrades to stabilize talking to Exchange 2010 - SP3.
Note: due to Microsoft's process, supply "Exchange2010_SP2" in the "lcc:connectExchangeVersion" value when running against Exchange SP3, as Microsoft combined SP2 and SP3 into the same id.

Update 02/22/2013: Added 'lcc:indexOnly' to create an Index, but, no EML files.

Update 02/22/2013: Code Released


The lccPEM was developed to parse through Exchange mailboxes, both on-site and O365 editions.

Some of the abilities are:

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