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Upgraded 3/26/2019: Manual update: added keys 'lcc:debugMasterFileFilter', 'lcc:debugCompareToFileFilter'. Bug fix: incorrect indexing on non-sorted files, i.e. some records would be skipped.

Upgraded 7/19/2018: Manual update: added note to lcc:firstColSorted key.

Upgraded 5/2/2018: Upgrade: Added key 'lcc:startAtLastMatch'. Changed key ' lcc:displayHundredRecordCounter' to 'lcc:displayRecordCounter'.

Upgraded 4/19/2017: Upgrade: Added key 'lcc:displayHundredRecordCounter'.

Upgraded 8/16/2017: Bug fixed: when master record has no match in compare file, left over values were being used on the combine keys.

Upgraded 4/19/2017: Upgrade: handling of delimiter within values within double quotes.

Upgraded 4/19/2017: Upgrade: handling of delimiter within values within double quotes.

Upgraded 4/18/2017: Added keys 'lcc:outputFileAppend', 'lcc:outputFilePrePendDateTime', 'lcc:unmatchedFileAppend', 'lcc:unmatchedFilePrePendDateTime'.

Upgraded 3/10/2017: Added key 'lcc:debugMode'.

Upgraded 2/23/2017: Added keys 'lcc:multipleMatches', 'lcc:multipleMatchesFilePath', 'lcc:multipleMatchesFileDelimiter'.

Upgraded 2/17/2017: Added key 'lcc:compareRule'.

Upgraded 2/14/2017: Added key 'lcc:unmatchedFileDelimiter'.

Update 12/6/2016: Bug fixed: when supplying a non-standard column delimiter (i.e. other than comma or tab), unmatched column not written.

Update 10/17/2016: Upgrade: made key 'lcc:unmatchedFilePath' optional. Changed some erratas in the manual.

Update 2/3/2016: Upgraded to .NET 4

Update 1/22/2016: Upgraded program to handle CSV files containing commas and/or double quotes in columns

Update 05/08/2015: Added lcc:sort.

Update 03/05/2014: Added lcc:firstColSorted.

Update 06/14/2013: Added lcc:masterFileKeepUnmatched.

Update 06/07/2013: Code Released


The lccCompareCombine was developed to Compare the records in one file (the master) to another file (compare to) on column matches between the two.

Others LCC tools suggested for this type of need:

On records that match, a Combine option allows the combining of columns both one or both of the files into a combined file.

Unmatched records from the master will be copied into an unmatched file.

Another program with many more rule types was developed later, though this one is great for simple column comparisons against small to very large files. Please see lccColumnsCruncher

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