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Update 7/22/2021: Bug fix: when parsing comma delimited files.

Update 6/9/2020: Bug fix: when using Math "Math: If <=, Replace", "Math: If >= and <=, Replace", "Math: If >=, Replace" on decimal values.

Update 4/22/2020: Upgrade: streamlined multiple modules for faster processing.

Update 11/28/2018: Bug fix on comma delimited source files, in regards to lcc:recordsMaxLoad not working.

Update 3/10/2017: Debug information errata on single key reference fixed.

Update 2/24/2017: Manual spelling mistake on key name fixed.

Update 6/16/2016: Upgraded, added 'Current' to key 'lcc:actionTwoToFourYearThreshold'.

Update 5/10/2016: Upgraded, added Action Type 'Split On Position'.

Update 5/9/2016: Upgraded, added lcc:actionFlag values 'Right To Left', 'Keep Left Over'.

Update 3/23/2016: Upgraded, added Action Type 'Insert Line At Each Record Set', new Convert To Original Format 'HHMMA/P', New Format 'HH:MM AM/PM'.

Update 3/21/2016: Upgraded, added lcc:actionFlag value 'DecimalPlaces:#'.

Update 3/16/2016: Upgraded, added Special Values replacing in Column Value Key.

Update 3/15/2016: Upgraded, handle if incorrect delimiter supplied in Logic File, added new format YYYY-MM-DD, added Keep First, Keep Last to Combine Duplicates, added Replace.

Update 2/24/2016: Upgraded 'Insert Empty Columns' to handle insert beyond farthest column number.

Update 2/1/2016: Added Microsoft/Unix Time Stamp in Convert To action. Added Action Flags.

Update 1/21/2016: Added Keys: "Lower Case", "Upper Case", "Append Columns", "Remove Columns". "Trim", "Trim Left", "Trim Right", "Remove Consecutive Spaces"

Update 1/20/2016: Upgraded Camel Case process.

Update 1/19/2016: Added White Paper (scenario) for Need Report

Update 1/19/2016: Added Keys: "Keep Records With Column Value Containing", "Skip Records With Column Value Containing", "If Empty, Place Value", "If Not Empty, Place Value", "Keep Records With Empty Column", "Keep Records With Not Empty Colulmn", "Skip Records With Empty Column", "Skip Records With Not Empty Column". Bug fix: sort as number.

Update 1/12/2016: Manual upgraded to provide more examples, fix some erratas.

Update 1/11/2016: Program released.


LCCColumnsCruncher was created to load one to many files (Data Sets), and allow multiple types of actions against/between the data, and finally produce one to many output files.

Others LCC tools suggested for this type of need:


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