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Update 8/18/2016: Added White Paper section: Registered Students File

Update 4/12/2016: Upgrade: Added Copy To Clipboard for Stats

Update 4/4/2016: Upgrade: force Instructor Id/Name, new key lcc:instructorsInfoPath

Update 3/31/2016: Upgraded layout, for better use of screen footprint, more flexibility for more information.

Update 2/17/2016: Bug fix: # count on new students in email notification corrected

Update 8/18/2015: Added safety logic to avoid saving blank list, i.e. Quarters, Tracking, etc.

Update 4/2/2015: Added Date/Time to all report filenames for history research. Added Instructor SID, Names columns with auto look-up of name from SID. Corrected two bugs in non-actions logic (Logs, Reports).

Update 2/3/2015: Added Student Intent (int)/Program Enrolled (prgenr) keys.

Update 2/2/2015: Added Email template Keys/Flags.

Update 1/8/2015: Added many upgrades, including Email Notifications, Email Templates, Filters, Layout, Simulation Tools, etc.

Update 10/28/2014: Added 'lcc:apiCallDelay' key, 'Abort' checkbox, and "Do It" status updates.

Update 10/17/2014: Program released.


lccCanvasCourseAdvisor (lccCCA) was developed to supply these capabilities:

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